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Welcome to my Online Campaign Office

June 26, 2010

My name is Dr. Rashid Malik and I am seeking election to the position of Georgia State Senate representing the constituents of Georgia’s 9th District in the November 2nd 2010 general election. Please take a few minutes and peruse my website to get a better understanding of who I am and why I want to serve as your Georgia Senate from the 9th District.

I want to give the residents of District 9 the opportunity to engage in our governmental process. The career politicians in the legislature for the last several years have failed the people of Georgia and the lack of leadership is costing the State millions and millions of dollars. Tax payers are frustrated and want a different direction. It will take a real leader from outside the legislature to bring change to the Georgia Capitol Dome, not just career politicians. Residents I have talked to are deeply concerned about jobs, education, ethics, public safety, and transportation. As a Democratic candidate, I seek the public’s vote to take action on their behalf in Georgia.

We need new ideas and innovative thinking to transform our state government – and most of all, we need the people of District 9 who are willing to get involved. With your help, I will bring a new perspective to address the challenges before us.

Please send me your ideas and comments, volunteer on our campaign and contribute what you can afford.


Dr. Rashid Malik